Constitution and Dosha’s

This week I focused on Module 9, and, specifically, looked at Ayurvedic medicine and doshas. I completed a quiz that asked questions about my physical and emotional attributes, and I got a score that ‘ranked’ my doshas. First was Pitta, then a close second was Vata, and then Kapha. From the scores, I don’t have one dominant dosha, but Pitta and Vata were very, very close, so perhaps this equates to a mixed dosha?

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A quick look forward into the next module shows me that Continue reading

Oh Transitions, Where Art Thou?!

So, I’m not known for graceful transitions. Not only in asana practice, but just life in general. I usually jump from one thing to another, and often it is in a restless “what’s next” kind of fashion. I’ve never really noticed, although I’ve never really looked. I’ve just kept jumping frantically.

And then I started seeing the signs that I need to slow down. Seriously, life has been screaming at me: just stop. Slow down, you move too fast! You’ve got to make this moment last…

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Back From My Unexpected Hiatus

Fight or flight. It’s something I struggle with, constantly. When things get intense, and I face a stressful situation or decision, I take flight. I hightail it out of there. I have a fear of failure, so I never take the risks. Ironic really, since fleeing from the situation and never taking a chance has a guaranteed 100% failure rate…

I’ve heard it’s not uncommon to become overwhelmed in Yoga Teacher Training; there are so many elements to yoga. For me, I think it has been the new knowledge and heightened understandings of the theory of yoga. Continue reading