Reflections on Yoga Teacher Training

For the past 3 years I have been planning to complete my yoga teacher training and move further into my yoga practice. I was pregnant for the majority of 2012, and was unable to make the commitment I felt I needed to make to get the most out of yoga teacher training. I birthed my daughter 18 months ago, and I am ready to take the step forward into deeper and more meaningful practice.

I hope that this course will give me the information and direction I need to deepen my practice and gain a whole new level of understanding and a new perspective on yogic living. I also plan to teach yoga, and I think that this course will help me build the knowledge of the detailed and intricate aspects of yoga practice that I would not learn otherwise. I hope for a well rounded course that explores the mind, body and spirit connection, as well as the technical details of asana practice and the philosophy of ‘living yoga’.

- moving inward - [a blog of yogic living] | Reflections on Yoga Teacher Training

I am accustomed to online learning, having studied the majority of my university degree online very successfully. I understand the best way for me to plan my time, and that is to create a visual timeline with not only my course deadlines and expectations but also expectations on me from my other commitments. This means that everything is planned out on a tangible timeline that I can see and ensures that I honor all of my commitments. This is a ‘living document’ and changes from time to time depending on time available and commitments.

For now, I have set aside time each day for study, around 5-10 hours a week, in addition to my regular asana and meditation practice, and as I progress through the modules I will reassess how much time I need to spend on each aspect of the training. To try and prevent the ‘going through the motions’ of completing study just for the purpose of completing tasks – rather than being inspired and thoroughly enjoying the content – I plan to regularly blog (in addition to the ‘response to stimuli’ journal entries throughout the modules) and engage in reflective practice. I also intend on applying new-found knowledge and understandings to my daily life, and I think that living what I am learning will help me master the material.

-Journal Entry #1: Reflections on Yoga Teacher Training-

Namaste! I welcome your comments, thoughts and opinions - please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below :-)

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