Attachment, Indifference, and Samadhi

“Indifference to worldy enjoyments is very difficult to obtain, and equally difficult is the knowledge of the Realities to obtain. It is very difficult to get the condition of Samadhi, without the favour of a true guru.” – Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Ch 4:9

Most people don’t approach worldly enjoyments – wealth, possessions, status, power – without concern of indifference. We have an ego, and our ego has us seeing these things as ‘ours’ to have and possess. Most of us are attached to these things and we cling to them, willing them not to change. And when they change or go away we feel a ‘loss’ of what we saw as ‘ours’. We end up longing for them and seeking out things that give us these feelings. This is the root of suffering, and yet we do it again and again.

I think that thought worldly enjoyments and pleasures are deceiving – we feel them as though they are real even though it is not reality – it’s hard to imagine that what we are experiencing is not real. It is difficult to approach these enjoyments with indifference, without interest or concern, because it is difficult to consider that these worldly enjoyments are not reality.

In knowing Reality and the truth of worldly enjoyments, we are conscious of consciousness and unconsciousness.

Samadhi is this state of being conscious.

-Journal Entry #5: Attachment, Indifference, and Samadhi-

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