The Benefits of Relaxation

It is widely-accepted that stress and tension can lead to health problems – high blood pressure and heart rate, high cortisol (stress hormone) levels, fatigue, muscle aches, headaches, anxiety, depression, memory loss, irritability, confusion, abnormal weight flucuations, poor sleep, decreased libido, and poor concentration are among many conditions that can be attributed to physical and mental tension and stress. Relaxation that aims to eliminate this stress and tension can also reduce/eliminate the incidence of these illnesses.

- moving inward - [a blog of yogic living] |The Benefits of Relaxation. Relaxation in your yoga practice.Moving even deeper, relaxation is an essential stepping stone to meditation. Relaxation aims to still the body and the mind, and bring about an awareness of the body and the mind.

In terms of yoga, relaxation allows the restless and distracted mind to slow down, and in doing this, relaxation facilitates the practice of asana (poses), pranayama (awareness and control of the breath), pratyahara (awareness and control of the senses), dharana (meditative practice), and dhyana (focused awareness).

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