Relaxation Exercise Reflections

Using a script as my guide, I relaxed into savasana by making myself aware of the position and heaviness of my body. This was our task for this module on Relaxation, to explore and reflect on a relaxation exercise, and I’m certainly not complaining!

I mindfully let each part of my body relax, and then I stayed in the position for a little over 10 minutes. This type of relaxation is not new to me –

in 2012 I used HypnoBirthing techniques for labour (which is, in essence, mindful and meditative birthing), and the relaxation script I used is similar to a guided relaxation/meditation that I practiced daily for almost 6 months. I enjoy the relaxation, although hadn’t practiced it for a while! After relaxing I always feel a little different. I feel ‘lighter’ – both physically and emotionally, and looser. When I am tense and not relaxed I find it difficult to get anything done, my mind darts around and never really focuses properly. But coming out of this relaxation reminded me of how focused relaxation makes me. I am also more flexible as well – emotionally and physically (maybe a relaxation session at the beginning of asana practice would be beneficial?).

I think for me there the crucial element for me is allowing myself to relax. I have a lot on my mind, like my mental ‘to do’ list, and I’m always thinking about it, adding to it, revising it, and the biggest barrier to full and complete relaxation is that nagging thought in my head “you have so much to do, you could be doing this or thinking about this or planning this”. My mind is constantly going – it is very distracted! My life is busy, and this always makes its way into my mind. I have to remember that relaxation should have an important place on my ‘to do’ list, and deserves undivided time and energy, just like my other priorities.

-Journal Entry: Relaxation Exercise (Chapter 3)-

Namaste! I welcome your comments, thoughts and opinions - please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below :-)

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