Constitution and Dosha’s

This week I focused on Module 9, and, specifically, looked at Ayurvedic medicine and doshas. I completed a quiz that asked questions about my physical and emotional attributes, and I got a score that ‘ranked’ my doshas. First was Pitta, then a close second was Vata, and then Kapha. From the scores, I don’t have one dominant dosha, but Pitta and Vata were very, very close, so perhaps this equates to a mixed dosha?

- moving inward - [a blog of yogic living] | Constitution and Doshas in yoga

A quick look forward into the next module shows me that Pitta elements are fire and water and Vata elements are space and air, so I am interested to see how this relates to the six tastes. The tastes I am personally drawn to tend to be very pungent, salty or sweet ingredients, and I am not very fond of sour, bitter or astringent flavours. It’s interesting that I a drawn to warm, pungent foods, and my ‘leading’ elements are fire and water…

At this stage, I’m not sure what my dosha means to me in terms of food and health, but I am interested to find out!

-Journal Entry #16: Constitution and Dosha’s-

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