Slow and Steady

After a few very hectic weeks of ‘silly season’, and a very sporadic routine, I jumped at the chance to participate in the Yoga International ‘30 for 30 Challenge‘. 30 free 30-minutes videos straight to my inbox – the perfect reminder to get my asana on the mat!

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Day 1 – Yoga For Strength – the first page in my ’30 for 30′ daily practice, is a slow and steady practice by Luke Ketterhagen, and was just what I needed to ease back into a daily practice after a heavy week. I have to admit, as it was day one, I was feeling like a bull at a gate, so at times it felt a little too slow. My mind raced and jumped while in rest – I was eager to get back into it.

I wobbled through a few virabhadra (warrior) variations; as I held these poses I felt eagerness to jump through to something more ‘active’. Sinking lower into Virabhadra I, my muscles twitched, itching for movement. My breath was high and difficult to calm. My first balasana (child’s pose) was chaos, physically and mentally. My breath was difficult to bring down, it felt impossible to bring it into my abdomen, and mind jumped everywhere, wondering why we were sinking into rest only 7 minutes into our practice.

As always, we get the lessons we need. In the form of gentle reminders to stop and let my mind be still. A obvious sentiment, but one that I needed. One I always need! Focus the mind, sink into the pose, deep inhale, full exhale, feel the balance of stretch and strength, witness the stillness…

Today’s practice saw me remembering to embrace stillness, and begin moving from a place of chaos to one of stillness in mind and body. It was a great way to start the day, and one that I desperately needed! Even though I was ready to get into a powerful, active flow, this slow and steady pace helped me stretch out the ‘kinks’ in mind and body on day one of my ’30 for 30′!

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