Module Blog Entries

This page contains links to ‘Journal Entries’ that are required as part of the training. Each post is a ‘response to stimuli’, delving into questions given through the modules. The number at the beginning of each post title refers to the blog number in our modules, and not the order in which I have completed the journal entries.

October 2014: 

03/10/14: Constitution and Dosha’s

01/10/14: Ayurvedic Recipes

June 2014:

15/06/14: Relaxation and Meditation

02/06/14: Relaxation Exercise Reflections

May 2014:

22/05/14: The Best Time To Relax…

09/05/14: Samsara and Nirvana

05/05/14:  Attachment, Indifference, and Samadhi

02/05/14: A Day In The Life

April 2014

30/04/14: Reflecting on the Eight Limbs of Yoga

21/04/14: Living Yoga – Responsibility, Challenges and Ethics

20/04/14: Reflections on Yoga Teacher Training

Namaste! I welcome your comments, thoughts and opinions - please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below :-)

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