Taking Flight… Or Not…

This morning’s practice was a 30 minute sequence focusing on taking flight into side crow, Parsva Bakasana.

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That’s not me, by the way. My feet didn’t get nearly as high!

I’ve lapsed in my practice and this was a flying leap back into it (pun absolutely intended). The sequence left my legs tingling and a little shaky, which is a sign of a great practice for me – it tells me that my body worked hard waking up muscles that have been asleep! After a broken start, thanks to three little girls who wanted to join in too, I was able to get into it. Continue reading

The Traditional ‘Guidelines’ of Yoga: Exploring The ‘Eight Limbs’

The Eight Limbs of Yoga are seen a a guide, or framework, to practicing yoga. They were described in Patanjali’s ‘Yoga Sutras’, and resemble the Buddhist Eightfold path to enlightenment. The Eight Limbs describe yoga as a spiritual practice, encompassing body, mind and spirit, and detailing ethical and respectful living. They are sometime described as branches, stages, or steps, however they are not necessarily meant to be taken as progressive steps to be completed on after each other, but linked as equally essential elements in our movement towards unity with the Divine – ‘the energy of the universe’

The Eight Limbs of Yoga are Continue reading