Slow and Steady

After a few very hectic weeks of ‘silly season’, and a very sporadic routine, I jumped at the chance to participate in the Yoga International ‘30 for 30 Challenge‘. 30 free 30-minutes videos straight to my inbox – the perfect reminder to get my asana on the mat!

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The Restless, The Distracted, And The Infatuated Mind… Is It Mine?

Studying the history of yoga this week got me thinking about the modern age that we live in.

Typically speaking, our minds are restless, distracted and infatuated with ‘stuff’. We want stuff – houses, cars, clothes, status, money, power… We’re constantly thinking, craving, and obsessing over our ‘stuff’ and how to get this ‘stuff’.

That is so true, I was nodding in agreement and thinking “yeah, some people are so obsessed with their ‘stuff'”as I read… and then it hit me.



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