Attachment, Indifference, and Samadhi

“Indifference to worldy enjoyments is very difficult to obtain, and equally difficult is the knowledge of the Realities to obtain. It is very difficult to get the condition of Samadhi, without the favour of a true guru.” – Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Ch 4:9

Most people don’t approach worldly enjoyments – wealth, possessions, status, power – without concern of indifference. We have an ego, and our ego has us seeing these things as ‘ours’ to have and possess. Most of us are attached to these things and we Continue reading

The Restless, The Distracted, And The Infatuated Mind… Is It Mine?

Studying the history of yoga this week got me thinking about the modern age that we live in.

Typically speaking, our minds are restless, distracted and infatuated with ‘stuff’. We want stuff – houses, cars, clothes, status, money, power… We’re constantly thinking, craving, and obsessing over our ‘stuff’ and how to get this ‘stuff’.

That is so true, I was nodding in agreement and thinking “yeah, some people are so obsessed with their ‘stuff'”as I read… and then it hit me.



So… that is me? Continue reading

Sankhya Yoga – Contemplating Mind and Matter [Assignment]

Sankhya is a philosophical understanding. Where other perspectives have a focus on the connection with and understanding of the Divine alongside the mind-body connection and awareness , Sankhya Yoga does not. Sankhya Yoga focuses on dualism between the conscious (Purusa) and the unconscious (physical matter – Prakriti).

Sankhya Yoga seeks to know ‘absolute reality’ Continue reading