Yoga In A Nutshell

Yoga Philosophy

Sankhya Yoga – Contemplating Mind and Matter
It’s Not New Age: A History of Yoga
The Traditional ‘Guidelines’ of Yoga: Exploring The ‘Eight Limbs’

Hatha Yoga

Yantra Yoga and Hatha Yoga
Core Concepts of Yoga


The Benefits of Relaxation
Relaxation Techniques For Physical Fatigue and Mental Tension


Monkey Mind
Awareness: Subjective, Objective, Collective
The Five States Of Mind


Physiology Of The Breath
Practicing Pranayama
Ujjayi Pranayama
Surya Bhedanna
Chandra Bhedanna
Nadi Sodhana
Viloma Pranayama
Bhastrika Pranayama


The Chakras And The Body
Balancing The Chakras

Diet and Health

The Three Gunas
The Five Elements
Determining Your Prakruti
Doshas: Vatta, Pitta, Kapha
Vikruti: Dosha Imbalance
Balancing The Doshas: Vatta, Pitta, Kapha

Anatomy and Physiology

Body Systems
Respiratory System
Skeletal System
Spinal Function
Muscles, Tendons, and Ligaments
Joints and Movement
Upper Body Movement
Lower Body Movement

Asanas – See Asana Library


Becoming An Effective Teacher
Class Planning
Differentiation: Multi-Level Classes
Considerations For Menstruation
Planning To Teach Prenatal Yoga

The Business Of Yoga

Creating And Promoting A Class
Building A Business
Safety And Liability

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